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Peasant Tops

Women's Peasant Tops

Taking the traditional clothes of different countries as a source of inspiration, the peasant tops are essential pieces that are very familiar to those who love to dress in boho style. Long or short, patterned or monochrome, generally decorated with ethnic motifs or flowers, women's peasant tops give your outfit a completely different air with its flowing fabrics. It is one of the clothes that women have been indispensable for years and has always taken its place in the fashion world with minor changes. It seems that this trend will continue from now on.

What Is A Peasant Top?

But what is a peasant top? These clothes are different from classic shirts. Long-sleeved ones have more loose sleeves, their fabric is draped, and their lower part is relatively abundant. Collars are usually round wide collars; laces are often seen on both sides of the collar. Despite their loose fit, peasant blouses are extremely feminine styles. In general, kimono and raglan sleeve cuts are used.

The short ones are in the form of a crop top that leaves the waist open and are short or long sleeve models with a low-cut chest. They are perfect for the summertime.

There are also peasant tops with straps. Gathered models just below the chest are very sexy. Collars can be round or square. Due to their flowy cuts, flexible and ease of movement, peasant blouses are ideal for busy working days. But also you can enjoy them in your free time.

Where to Wear the Peasant Top?

Women's peasant tops, which best suit summer outfits, can be worn in autumn and spring at appropriate temperatures. There is no dress code as it is worn in a particular place or not worn in a specific location. They go well with jeans or skirts and shorts, as well as fabric trousers and skirts. This keeps the clothing areas more expansive. You can easily choose a peasant top in many places in the office, on holidays, for dinner appointments. We can think of it in casual and semi-formal dress categories. When you wear jeans and flat sandals underneath, you get a semi-formal look when you wear every day, fabric trousers-skirts and high-heeled shoes or sandals. The pants, skirts, shoes, and accessories you will wear will determine the style.

Although there are slight changes according to the fashion trends that change every year, the peasant tops fashion that women love so much will not easily pass. They are already between the fashion classics.

It would be best if you considered this when buying a peasant blouse.

What should you consider when buying a peasant top? It would help if you paid attention to the fabric quality. For subtle folklore chic, the blouse should ideally be made of linen or cotton - this also allows our skin to breathe much better in hot summer temperatures. BohoCandestino promises you the best materials and quality.

Made from soft and natural fabrics, Clandestino's embroidered peasant tops models are unique. Since they are produced with natural materials, they don't sweat, which is especially preferred on hot summer days. Just feel free to check all our categories. You can also make your shopping comfortable in Clandestino with free shipping and easy return features.

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