Collection: Harem Pants

Harem Pants

Offering a comfy choice and a chic look for you, harem pants are famous worldwide with their growing reputation. The variety in their style and patterns make each of them unique. Moreover, their compatibility with casual wear makes them even better.

Colorful harem pants are also one of the critical pieces of bohemian fashion. With solid color or mixed color options, they provide a vast collection for those who set their heart upon diversity in their wardrobe.

First, what are harem pants?

We know how they look, and we're sure they are comfy as cotton harem pants are on the rise. However, what actually are harem pants?

Harem pants were used for a long time before they stepped in the spotlight. These baggy pants are known for their wide-cut style and fitted part in the ankles. 

They are also a unisex piece, worn for centuries by both men and women. This feature of it makes it a perfect choice among couple clothes.

Their comfy styles and original appearances make them a fashionable piece in both boho style and in general.  Harem pants were also on the frontlines of the hippie community, celebrating freedom and uniqueness.  That's why they are a big part of boho hippie clothes!

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How to combine harem pants

Just like when you're doing grocery shopping or a walk around your block, you can enjoy the naturalness of harem pants in your yoga sessions as well. They fit many different occasions with a variety of color, pattern, and style options.

On chilly night outs, take a hand-knitted cardigan and create a cozy style. Just like cardigans, sweaters are also excellent choices to complete a city night outlook.

If you like to highlight your wide-leg harem pants, you can also go for solid-colored ones. Such as black harem pants, comfy as any other harem pants, give you an edge to the style itself with a simple top.

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Relax with your harem pants

Harem pants are the zenith of comfy pants, even among boho-style clothes. They vary in materials and colors too.  So you can choose what suits you the best. Among these varieties, cotton harem pants are one of the most preferred ones. They add extra comfort on summer days when the temperature is high.

Unique styles are everywhere.

With harem pants, there is no boundary to styles you can try out! They are also comfy in every season as you can combine them with boots and warm sweaters too.

Since boho hippie clothes represent free-spirited people, it's only natural for them to have many options for everybody regarding size and style.

Unique designs are a common trait for harem pants. Even for people new to the harem pants, the patterns and colors are pretty attention-grabbing.

Places to wear your harem pants.

Breathing exercise is best achieved with a pair of harem pants! They are comfy, stylish and give your legs a lot of space to move freely!

You can also enjoy the comfort of your harem pants daily since they're causal-wear friendly. That being said, with accessories and scarves, you can turn them into a fashion show outfit real quick!

A music festival where you spend time in the open air goes well with a pair of harem pants (with any color you like!).

A candid get-together with your close friends in a cozy café is also an excellent opportunity to put on that harem pants and live the day!