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Boho Women’s Clothing

Boho chic clothing offers women a vast collection of dresses with each length; flared pants, flowy skirts, and colorful tops suitable for every season. You can cover every style you want for every occasion.

Clandestino set out on a journey to make high-quality boho-chic clothing affordable and reachable to many people. We create comfortable and stylish pieces of clothing for you to enjoy.

So, what is boho-chic clothing?

Inspired by unique people who adored freedom, boho-chic clothing's ultimate goal is to create that freedom space for as many different styles as possible. And it has many sub-cultures in it too! If you like cute bohemian clothing and fancy floral maxi dresses, hand-knitted cardigans, cozy tops, and more, you can find everything you want here! Besides cute clothes for women, boho women cover sexy, sporty, and casual chic quickly.

Carrying the freshness of flowers with you all the time

Flower printed dresses, skirts, and tops are always there when you need that spring mood to boost your energy. They simply bring out all the positive sides of life that we sometimes tend to forget!

Among the styles of boho women's clothing covers, cute clothes for women carry the freshness of flowers the best. With layered dresses and tight-fitting short tops, you can enjoy the summer months with your eye-catching garments.

Clandestino brings comfort with style

Imagine a fancy dress that makes you feel terrific in the comfort of a pair of your favorite pajamas. That's boho style, right there.

We can't get enough of cute summer tops and cute summer dresses; boho style brings a new approach to pants too! Boho hippie pants for women provide one of the most diverse pieces of clothes.  Apart from your yoga classes, you can enjoy the comfort of hippie pants daily. With solid-colored options, they are more than suitable for a gathering with friends as well as an open-air concert.

The power of Lace details and Tribal Prints

Any clothing with lace detail to it indeed has that alluring look. Lace details turn any piece of clothing into a unique style. With boho women's clothing, you can prefer tops with lace details to highlight your attractive side.

Lace details add an edge to cute bohemian clothing too. A floral crop top with lace details and a solid-colored layered boho long skirt create the mood you want for a romantic dinner.

Lace indeed creates a mysterious attraction around you, whether it's a boho skirt or top.

Tribal prints on skirts and dresses and hippie pants are some of the key patterns of boho style. They celebrate freedom in fashion and expressing yourself through what you wear.

Trustworthy garments for your boho dresses

Dressing boho style is a unique process, as it should be. You can create a new look using many different garments every single day. At Clandestino, one of our goals is to inspire you through our collections.  And while doing so, introducing the ever-dependable clothes you can use for your eye-catching boho style.

  • Knee-high boots

Having a pair of knee-high suede boots is like having a glass of cold water on a hot day.  It’s always refreshing to wear them with a floral midi boho dress (or a mini dress, too!).  They go well both in warm and chilly weather and add to your height which is always a plus!

  • Cardigans

One of our favorite garments in boho style is cozy cardigans. An orange cardigan offers a candid and comfy look to your fashion.

For more combinations you’ll enjoy, check out our website!