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Woman's Pants

Boho Hippie Pants

We love the freedom pants give us women! For a busy day full of running around, getting things done, and earning our money, we surely can trust fashionable and comfy pants to keep us stylish.

And when it comes to flowy boho pants and palazzo pants, it doesn’t get any better from them!

Palazzo Pants: Fashion’s Comfort Zone

A pair of pants or a long skirt? Why not have both of them with palazzo pants!

For a few years, fashion had its share of full of tight dresses, slim fit pants, and not breathing enough. Then came the palazzo pants, again! Among flowy boho pants, palazzo pants offer a distinct look that goes well with fancy dinners and a casual day.

With a wide range of sizes and materials, you can enjoy the comfort of palazzo pants and combine them however you want.  For instance, to match your boho style, check out our boho tops!

The word palazzo is the Italian word for ‘’palace’’. We believe it’s the perfect description for the pants since they provide a noble and alluring look for you. Moreover, with colorful patterns and natural fabrics, they celebrate diversity.

As Clandestino, we believe in the freedom of movement. And boho clothing is your best partner in fashion when it comes to comfy clothes. That's why boho hippie pants for women are preferred by so many people who want to express themselves freely.

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Loose Pants Equals Happiness

Feeling comfortable in a pair of pants makes us even more energetic, and it’s essential to find a perfect fit for our bodies. With hippie pants, it’s easier and with more options!

The reason hippie pants are called such is that they're made of healthy fabrics for our skin, such as cotton. Their whole concept is to make comfy and diverse styles to keep your options broad for many different occasions.

Squeezing your body into tight pants can cause many problems. From inadequate blood circulation to not feeling comfortable, they may make you feel like a stranger to your own body.

What hippie pants and flowy boho pants offer is to catch the balance between comfy and style. Moving around freely, makes pants unique for women in the first place! Clandestino adds diverse patterns and unique details to hippie pants' comfy nature, aspiring to be your dependable choice forever.

How about a pair of purple wide-leg boho pants made of 100% cotton woven fabric with three more color options!

Boho Clothing at its best: Flowy Boho Pants

There are countless reasons to dive into boho clothing: the comfy style, diverse patterns, and the vibe it exudes!

We like to say flowy boho pants are one of our favorites to work on. At Clandestino, creating long-lasting, high-quality clothes you can combine in many different ways is our priority.  That's why boho hippie pants women are expanding every day with a new look.

A colorful pair of boho pants for a hot summer day or a pair of black boho pants, which you can complement with a tight top and accessories!


Looking for Colorful and Cozy Pants: You're at the Right Address 

Hippie pants are now everywhere, from fashion shows to casual wear. With lots of patterns and size options, they cover many styles with ease. They are also really light, so having a ton of flowy boho pants doesn't take up your wardrobe. 

You can also rock a pair of hippie pants made from wool in fall and winter and enter the cold months with a cozy feeling!