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Boho Mini Dresses

A boho mini dress is more than just a festival dress. With its many patterns and colors, it expresses your fashion in many occasions. You can find a suitable boho mini dress for every event and impress people around you with your comfy yet decisive style!

Bring the free spirit into the city!

From time to time, running around and getting things done put pressure on us. Days in crowded cities are hectic after all. We have a comforting suggestion to help you out. At those times, a boho style mini dress reminds you of your dreams and ambitions, giving you the strength to go for it! Symbolizing your free spirit, boho mini dresses calm you with their light texture and assertive styles. Every step you take in your boho style mini dress gets you a little closer to your goal.

I fly high, so does my boho style mini dress…

Black is a classic color for all kinds of dresses. The traditional beauty of it comes from the countless examples it is used in portraying powerful women. That being said, the power of a black boho mini dress is not to be underestimated. It gives the impression of a cute and strong woman, stressing your curves! A black boho mini dress is there for you to put it on and get things done with style.

Defy the common; create your combine with Clandestino

In Clandestino, we believe in the power of individualism and the freedom to express yourself through fashion. The idea of boho clothing has its roots in culture and liberty! So it is only natural that boho mini dresses offer the opportunity to put that into your daily lives.
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With mini dresses for women: the world is your runway

With a black boho mini dress, you are your supermodel! A boho dress's first mission is to make you feel like your best version. As Clandestino, we say, walk the walk and show that the world is your runway.

Twirl in Joy with these boho mini dresses

There is this feeling of constant joy that comes with boho mini dresses. Their close-fit tops and the way they wrap your waist gives an assuring feeling. No wonder we want to twirl whenever we wear a mini dress. It represents the lightness of clothing. To wear something you're comfortable in makes you more confident and outgoing. Clandestino has a wide range of mini dresses for women you can choose from.

Ethnic patterns and colors to accompany you all-day

Boho mini dresses carry everything unique to boho style elegantly. Color choice makes them shine out in various events. Safe to say that, you can trust a boho mini dress to help you bring out a different part of your personality. A red dress to a fancy dinner with your special someone. A blue dress to back up your ideas at a meeting! There is a boho style mini dress suitable for your every event. A music festival, a dinner around a bonfire with friends, or perhaps a walk through a forest, connecting with nature! Boho style itself is known for its unique patterns on their dresses. Each way wakes a new sensation in us all. The power of colors and patterns is no secret. Preferring your favorite colors gives you a lift just when you think you're low on energy. Patterns, on the other hand, are rich in boho style. We're sure you'll find the perfect one (or ones) for you.