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Cotton Dresses

Cotton dresses

Cotton is a healthy and natural fabric for us. And clothing made from cotton is thus an excellent choice to wear both for our skin and style.

Clandestino creates comfy and casual cotton dresses made 100% from Turkish cotton, one of the most durable cotton pieces. Turkish cotton, with its strong fibered structure and high-quality material, offers long-lasting garments.

The cotton summer dresses provide a breezy experience and style together. With 100% cotton dresses, you don't have to compromise your health or style! Have them both with our vast collection of cotton summer dresses.

Keep your body cool and your style unique with cotton summer dresses!

When it's summertime, denim pants are too hot and tight! When it's too hot, it means it's time to take those summer dresses out of the back of the wardrobe.

The best part about 100% cotton dresses is that they are made from breathable material. This way, your skin doesn't feel cramped. With casual cotton dresses, your body gets the fresh air it deserves!

And they are light. Many summer dresses may seem light; however, you feel an uncomfortable weight on you when you put them on. That's because of the material they are made of, which are synthetic. 100% cotton dresses show their difference just as fast since the material is natural for your skin.

Another advantage of cotton boho dresses is the style range they offer. From casual wear to specific dress types such as beach or cottageroce, you can find your perfect summer dress easily.

Clandestino dresses made from Turkish cotton

At Clandestino, we put importance on creating high-quality dresses. To do that, we use natural fabrics that are healthy for your skin. This way, you can enjoy your comfy summer dresses to the maximum!

Dresses made from Turkish cotton are perfect companions for long and hot summer days with their light texture.

With our vast range of summer dresses, including casual, fancy, floral, and winter, you can find many dresses suitable for every occasion.

The simplicity and versatility causal wear

Boho style has many levels: from fancy, multi-layered dresses to solid-colored and more humble ones. Casual cotton dresses are perfect examples of both comfy and simple dresses.

You can wear them for running errands, a date with your significant other, or a gathering with friends. Casual dresses comply with them all! The simplicity of their appearance also makes it easy to change between styles. They are literally the joker of dresses!

Enjoying the comfort of casual cotton dresses all seasons

Cotton dresses aren't only for summer but all seasons. In fall and spring, the weather can change suddenly. For those days, Clandestino half sleeve round neck fox print mini fall dress made 100% of cotton is a perfect choice! It keeps you stylish and comfy, not to mention the cute vibe it exudes.

You may also like our boho tops which you can combine with ethnic patterned skirts and shorts.

Be kind to your skin with 100% cotton dresses

Expressing your fashion is best when your skin is also comfortable with the dress you're wearing! With 100% cotton dresses, your skin doesn't experience rash, and you don't sweat compared to other synthetic fabrics.

Turkish cotton is known for its hypoallergenic structure, and casual cotton dresses made from cotton are soft and light-weighted.

Boho style means comfort and unique clothing pieces that make you feel warm, memorable, and free! Casual summer dresses offer all this with a pinch of simplicity that calms you and makes you enjoy the little things in life.