Our Story

Our story started in Olympus, a small village on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, in the summer of 2003. We had a little stand where we sold our handmade jewelry and wrap pants that we’d brought from Nepal. 

Manu Chao was a huge hit those days and we used to listen to him all the time, hence the name of our small stand: Clandestino. Next year we built a small wooden bungalow as our shop and used it for the next two years. 

December 2005 was another big step for us as we opened our first shop in Istanbul. We had our designs made in Nepal using local materials and imported them to Turkey. That shop was the first of its style in Istanbul and attracted a lot of attention. 

In the following years, we expanded our production to India and Thailand as demand continued to grow. We opened our second shop in Istanbul and focused on selling our clothes to other design shops and increased our presence in many places. Within time, we became a well-known brand among Turkey's alternative community. 

Work for us always involved a lot of travel to different countries; we reached cities that no tourists would go to, allowing us to source new materials and find interesting details to add to our designs. We loved to be on the road and we loved being close to nature. This led us to create comfy and natural garments which are essential to our designs. We are fed by our travels and the city that we live in: the amazing Istanbul. 

In 2011, we decided to shift our manufacturing to Turkey. We wanted to pay special attention to creating our collections from high-quality materials and control the process as a whole. This enabled us to rediscover the diversity of Istanbul all over again. 

Our clothing collections offer the colors, patterns, and styles from Istanbul's multi-cultural structure. We kept on moving forward and continued to grow, like our city. 

We hope that you find something from yourself in our clothes and that these clothes accompany you in a moment of happiness in your life.