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Men's Clothing

Men’s Boho Hippie Clothing

Men’s boho clothing at Clandestino is a growing collection full of comfortable pants, stylish shirts, and colorful sweatshirts. We love creating clothes that make people free and happy. And a boho hippie outfit for men has it all.

For outdoor activities, casual gatherings, or business-like meetings, you can trust the Clandestino bohemian clothing men collection to stand out! A combination of a comfortable and self-assured style, Men’s boho clothing is here to give your body what it deserves.

Once you try our collections, you’ll find the perfect companions to express your relaxed and laid-back style.

Enjoy a Wide Collection of Clandestino Hooded Sweatshirts

With sweatshirts, the first thing we want is for them to be comfy and soft. A stiff sweatshirt makes your skin irritated, and if the material is of low-quality, you'll get sweaty all the time.

Among our bohemian clothing men collection, hooded sweatshirts are one of our most-loved wardrobe items. The first reason for it is that they’re incredibly soft textured. The moment you put on a Clandestino orange patterned men’s sweatshirt, you know it's light-weighted and comforts your skin.

Clandestino hooded sweatshirts are loose fit and long-sleeved, so you can enjoy wearing them in cold weathers too. With size options up to XXL, these stylish and colorful hooded sweatshirts are here for each body size!

Complete Your Look with Stylish Vests

The vibe with a boho hippie outfit is generally a relaxed one. Another benefit of this style comes from the versatility the clothes offer.

Clandestino creates stylish vests for you to combine with different outfits.  Vests are incredibly complementary. If you like to have something to keep you warm but not shadow your stylish shirts, a Clandestino dark blue band collar men’s vest is just for you.

For more men’s boho shirts, check out our colorful collection with many size and style options!

If solid-colored vests are not your thing, we have more! A plaid band collar men’s vest adds movement and color to your outfits, while the band color detail still keeps it as a put-together outfit.

In addition to all these fantastic vests, at Clandestino, we also love to wander new areas for boho outfits. By adding unique details, a simple shirt can turn into a new boho item!

Our maroon sleeveless men’s shirt is eye-catching from the get-go!  With a button design on the front, it creates a more elegant style. And then comes the hoodie and lose-fit texture of the shirt and turns it into a more sporty style. This way, you can wear it on many different occasions without hesitation.

Discover the Comfort of Boho Pants for Men

With all the denim pants and black suits, comfort is disregarded many times for men in the name of looking good.  Men’s boho clothing, on the other hand, brings back comfort with stylish outfits. So you don’t have to compromise anything!

Whoever said that tight pants are the only pants looking good on men clearly never tried a pair of boho pants! Men’s boho pants look comfy and exude a relaxed air, which is perfect for a boho style. They come in various styles, sizes, and patterns and offer a pair of ideal boho pants for every occasion.

Our green men’s pants are both comfortable and of high-quality material for your skin.  Made 100% from cotton woven fabric, these pants are soft and light in addition to their fabulous look.

And, of course, we can't talk enough about harem pants. Men's drop crotch pants are one of our most preferred among men thanks to their elastic waist and cozy texture.