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Fisherman Pants

Thai fisherman pants

Known for their comfortable, unisex, and suitable style for many sizes, Thai fisherman pants have fair popularity in the fashion world. You can wear them on many occasions, and they fit in!

Just like making your body relaxed in them, Thai fisherman pants are getting their rightful place worldwide where now comfort and style rule the wardrobes.

What are the Thai fisherman pants?

Since there are many wide-legged comfy pants among boho hippie clothing, you may be confused about describing Thai fisherman pants.

Just like its name, these pants indeed came from Thai fishers. However, they didn’t wear them because of their love for boho hippie clothing, but rather for their convenience. It’s known that as early as the 1880s, Thai fishermen wore these comfy pants to work.

In the past, these unisex trousers were a little bit different. Their now signature look folding out the excess fabric was tucked in after tying. But even without the extra fabric, it still stood out from harem pants.

They both offer the most comfortable pants among boho hippie clothing. Still, Thai fisherman pants look like actual trousers with an oversized waist part that makes them easy to wear on many different occasions.

Where to Wear Thai Unisex Trousers

From your daily exercise routine to shopping, a night out with friends, Thai fisherman pants fit them all perfectly to a fancy company dinner.

Their versatility comes from the material they’re made from.  Since the style of the pants doesn’t change a lot, the fabrics are determinative.

Which Material is the Best for Thai Fisherman Pants?

The cotton Thai fisherman pants are one of the most common types. And it makes sense too. Thailand has a tropical wet and dry climate, so cotton Thai fisherman pants are perfect choices to avoid sweating much.

Clothes made from cotton are better for our skin, too, especially if you have allergies to synthetics. It's always refreshing to wear cotton Thai fisherman pants because the fabric doesn't smother your skin and lets you breathe.  Thus even on hot days, you can feel the breeze!

At Clandestino, style and comfort go hand in hand. We value your health just as much as your unique fashion. Like our boho dresses, we have a comprehensive collection of Thai fisherman pants both for men and women.

With our green boho fisherman pants made 100% from cotton woven fabric, feel the nature all around you! You can enjoy the comfort of fisherman pants in winter, too, with maroon boho winter fisherman pants.

If you fancy earth colors, try Clandestino green men’s thai fisherman pants with other color options.  All made from cotton and exuded positive energy all around you!

Combine Your Thai fisherman Pants with Boho Tops

It’s so much fun to combine Thai fisherman pants. Crop tops, loose sweaters or cardigans, all create a unique look. Clandestino tops provide high-quality and versatile tops for you to have fun with your style.

With our cowl neck boho top, combine black fisherman pants and create your own two-piece look. Choosing contrast colors and mixing them up is also an option. Blue thai fisherman pants and a asymmetric summer top look both comfy and sporty. What do you think? The possibilities are endless!

Expressing Your Laid Back Style

Thai fisherman pants are excellent for expressing your free and easy-going style. Even though the style stays the same, the variety of material and colors expands the collection and the events you can wear.

Just like at the core of any boho clothing, Thai fisherman pants offer ultimate comfort and style, celebrating unique fashion every day!