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Men's Pants

Men’s Boho Hippie Pants

Men’s boho clothing has been on the rise for a long time. Different styles and patterns come together with a variety of pieces of clothing. These days, it’s all about being comfortable in our clothes and expressing our own fashion!

And men’s boho hippie pants are perfect to feel the freedom clothes offer and show our unique style to the world. With a bohemian clothing men collection, Clandestino provides casual wear boho pants as well as perfect ones for fancy gatherings at affordable prices.

From unique patterned harem pants to cotton hippie pants, our men’s boho clothing collection has a stylish and comfortable pair of pants for every single occasion!

Move More with Clandestino Men’s Boho Hippie Pants

Denim pants are great. They look fantastic and all; however, compared to men’s boho hippie pants, they fail to give you the freedom and comfort your body deserves. One of the things the bohemian clothing men collection is excellent about is the fact that they change and find new inspirations all the time!

At Clandestino, we care about individual style and the meaning behind it. Each of our boho pants comes from a unique point of view and creates a particular style.

Our green wrap around men's pants are one of our most beloved pieces. It's made 100% from cotton, so while it keeps you cozy and comfortable, it doesn't make you sweat.  Its folded waist tie detail makes it suitable for many different occasions. If you like the sporty kind of unique and stylish pants, these are the ones you want to check out!

Another popular item in our ever-growing collection is men’s green harem pants. Their comfort comes from the wide cut and 100% cotton. You can enjoy wide pockets with button details on the side of the pants that make them unique.

If you’re new to the boho style, you have many options to try and find the one or ones you like!

Creating Your Own Style

There is no rulebook in boho style. Since it’s coming from free people who create their fashion and lifestyles, it's only natural that you find your colors and patterns!

There are many combination options for men's boho clothing, such as harem pants with comfortable shirts or solid-colored dark blue regular fit men’s boho pants. With its elastic ankles, it gives a relaxed appearance and makes you ready for a busy day.

If you like more colorful and patterned pants, we’ve got you covered. Our beige printed men's harem pants are made from natural fabrics and offer a breezy and cool touch in the summer months.

In addition to being soft-textured, they're light and easy to combine.  You can wear solid-colored shirts, white or black, or balance them with a sweatshirt!

Check out our men’s boho hippie shirts to complete the look here!

A New Approach to Pants: Thai Fisherman and Boho Harem Pants

They have both been around for many years but relatively new to the fashion world.  Both fisherman and harem pants open more space to new and unique styles in men’s boho clothing. Besides being comfortable, they are also stylish and cool with many styles, sizes, and colors.

Compared to classic tight pants, fisherman and harem pants give your legs more space to move and are suitable for your anatomy.

Thai fisherman pants can be genuinely the highlights of your style wherever you're. They also offer various colors with solid or multi-colored options.

Boho harem pants, on the other hand, are unique with their cuts and sizes. Once you try them, there is a good chance you’ll be looking for different patterns and colors to expand your boho wardrobe.