What is Bohemian Style?

What is Bohemian Style?

In the century we live in, everything changes and transforms rapidly and is consumed just as quickly. As in every other industry, the fashion industry also gets its piece of this. People want to keep up with this constant change. The fashion of each season is unique and is replaced by another fashion after a short time. At this point, there is only one style that can both be permanent and constantly renew itself; bohemian style.

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Bohemian style has always been preferred no matter what season it is. But despite this, it is never seen as outdated. Because bohemian style is a different world in itself. Every season, it manages to preserve the ethnic culture of the bohemian style while incorporating the current fashion trends. At this point, Clandestino is by far the most successful in this business.

Do You Know the Origin and Meaning of the Word Bohemian?

In order to answer the question of what is bohemian style, it is first necessary to know what the word bohemian means. Bohemian is a word of French origin. Bohemian; It appears as a name given to communities that live in the moment, are wanderers and have no concerns. It is also known as the Gypsy lifestyle. Bohemians do not like what settled life brings. They are constantly traveling. They have no problem keeping up with the world. They prefer the order of disorder, the harmony of disharmony. Over time, these bohemian communities managed to spread their culture and lifestyle to many parts of the world and attracted attention. Although they initially spread it in their own circles, over time they have caused great formations. The fashion industry was also affected by the bohemian style that manifested itself in every field. Bohemian has worked on clothing style. They gathered and evaluated the elements of bohemian culture and made appropriate designs. As a result, they put forward a style by emphasizing bohemian clothes.

What is bohemian style? To understand bohemian style, you need to know much more than the meaning of the word. Because in fact, it is more than just a style, it is a lifestyle, a philosophy of life. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that its origins are rooted in history. Bohemian style emerged after the French Revolution. After the damage caused to the country by the revolution, people experienced material and spiritual changes. Who would have known that a historical phenomenon that affected the world so much could even shape fashion?

Unique Style Existing in Every Area of Life; Bohemian Style

Bohemian style has indeed found its place in every aspect of people's lives. Not only the fashion sector, but also the fields of furniture and space design have been greatly affected by this situation. People have also been influenced by the bohemian style while decorating their homes. Bohemian is a style without rules, boundaries and principles. Despite being so unique, the fact that it can be determined is one of the important qualities that attract people to the bohemian style. The most important point in bohemian decorations is whether it provides comfort or not. In bohemian style decorations, handmade decorative products, wooden designs, aged furniture stand out the most. The harmony of incompatibility in colors is captured.

At the point where the comfort of the armchairs is not enough, bohemian people put cushions on the floor and create sweet spaces while achieving an aesthetic appearance. You can use these cushions according to your own taste, either with handcrafted embroidery or in solid colors.


World of Bohemian Style

Don't forget that although dark colors come to mind when you think of bohemian, bohemian style is a more colorful world than you think. Therefore, do not hesitate to mix colors together. Isn't that what the bohemian style wants anyway? Don't think too much about how to do it, just do it. Whatever works for you is always beautiful!

Nature is another favorite of the bohemian style. Nature, which is the representative of bohemian style, shows and reflects itself in every field. For this reason, you can see plenty of plants in a house arranged in bohemian style. Greenery both gives positive energy and cleans the air of your home. Also, taking the responsibility of taking care of a plant will keep you fit. Antiques also have an important place in bohemian style decorations. Using the modern and the old together is also something that the bohemian style has created.

Even the art has been influenced by it. Painters have painted pictures reflecting this period on their canvases, musicians have written songs under the influence of bohemian style, and directors have made many movies on this subject. Despite all, we can say that the most permanent and effective change was in the bohemian clothing style. The bohemian style that emerged as a result of this brought along bohemian style clothing.

What is Bohemian Style Clothing?

It would be more explanatory to answer this question from the most basic, that is, starting from history. In the first years when the bohemian style emerged, people continued to use their old clothes, making various patches on their torn clothes or using them directly as torn without doing anything. The reason for this, of course, was not to create a style in the first place. It was because of economic difficulties. This action was also a criticism, a protest for some. They were doing it to show people who couldn't see what the revolution had brought, or because they were really materially affected by it. Over time, this was reflected in every aspect of life and the bohemian style emerged.

The bohemian style, which seemed to have been forgotten for a while after the French Revolution but has always existed, was revived worldwide in the early twenty-first century. With the change in the world order, people no longer focused on producing something new, but on bringing the old up to date. This was not only an orientation among people. Along with many sectors such as technology and construction, the fashion industry also turned towards this. With the effect of this situation, bohemian style clothes started to attract the attention of everyone from young to old. People constantly chased after stores where they could buy bohemian style clothes. This style, which was previously attracted mostly by artists, was heard and adopted by everyone as time passed. At first, this style of dressing was considered strange by other people, but soon almost everyone started to like and be interested in this style.

Bohemian style, in addition to having a few unique features of its own, has also shaped and changed according to the geography of the place and the traditions of that region. Therefore, after a while, each region began to have its own bohemian style. At the same time, this also made it possible for a culture to be recognized all over the world. For example, the Spanish trousers in Spain and its surroundings, and the use of shalwar and kaftan-like clothes specific to the culture of the region in Turkey can be given as examples. Just as bell-bottoms are used all over the world today, clothes such as shalwar and caftan, which are actually unique to us, have been able to reach all over the world thanks to the bohemian style.

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