The Best Bohemian Movies of All Time

The Best Bohemian Movies of All Time

Bohemianism is freedom, being open to the new, to discovery. It is realizing that you are in the world to experience, not to follow the rules. The bohemian is light enough to fly, deep enough to understand life.

As the weather is getting colder, we have prepared a wonderful selection of the most bohemian movies for you:

Let's start our selection with the film La Vie de Bohem, which introduced us to bohemian life and contributed greatly to our internalization.

La Vie de Bohem:

A movie based on the book La Boheme by writer Henri Murger. Shot in 1992, La Vie de Bohem was directed by Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki, who has a unique cinematic language. The movie was shot in black and white to reflect the bohemian spirit. It focuses on the life of three artistic bohemians - a painter, a musician and a writer - in Paris.

La Vie de Bohem


Total Eclipse:

A biographical film telling the story of Verlaine and Rimbaud, who had one of the most controversial and passionate loves in the world of literature. The 1995 film Total Eclipse was directed by Agnieszka Holland.

The movie is about famous French poets who surrendered their souls to poetry. These artists, who completely turned their backs on worldly affairs, convey bohemianism to the audience smoothly. Holland, who has been praised for her ability to tell such a difficult story, dramatically describes the nature of passion and what French poets gave up in order to create.

The Dreamers:

A Bernardo Bertolucci film that offers a different perspective on bohemian life with an unusual sense of humor. Filmed in 2003, The Dreamers is a gateway to the free world created by three young people in an empty house. It revolves around concepts such as idealism, restlessness, uncertainty of boundaries, desire, and makes us dizzy with the mesmerizing atmosphere of Paris.

The Dreamers

Only Lovers Left Alive:

A deep and original look at a bohemian lifestyle, directed by Jim Jarmusch. Only Lovers Left Alive invites the audience on an aimless, bohemian, intellectual adventure. It introduces us to two loving vampires and artist souls who remain in the cycle of immortal life. These intellectuals, who have chosen literature and music as their 'addictions' over the centuries they have witnessed, present an interesting story to the audience.

Only Lovers Left Alive

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