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Winter Tops

Cute Winter Tops From Candestino Unique Collection

Do boho tops also worn in winter? Or are they only suitable for summertime? We seem to hear you ask these questions. Our answer is, why not? It is now possible to apply popular clothing styles in all seasons. Thanks to Clandestino's cute winter tops collection, you will not have to give up this style you love in winter, as in every season. The keyword here is the fabrics.

Winter Top Fabrics

Winter top models suitable for the cold months are made of thicker fabric, long-sleeved blouse, or poncho. However, you can wear not only those suitable for winter but also those tops with thinner fabrics at warmer temperatures by combining them with a jacket. You will feel cozy with Clandestino winter tops made of soft and warm materials. Sure we are using natural fabrics also in the wintertime. This is an issue we attach great importance to. You will be full of positive motivation on active days with these comfortable and flexible clothes.

Winter boho tops favorite colors.

What are the favorite colors for winter tops? In general, the winter months have some specific color tones. While we prefer more neon colors in summer, we choose more pastel shades in winter. Sure it depends on your taste. There are no rules in fashion. You have to find your own style for a better look.

Winter boho tops are available in color tones such as black, gray, melange, pastel pink, khaki, brown, navy blue, maroon, pastel yellow, purple, red, orange. These colors can sometimes be used as single or combined. Winter boho tops with ethnic no patterns are also among the most preferred models. Ethno patterns are especially perfect for ponchos.

Winter Boho Tops Cuts

Although it is thought of in free and flexible models, winter boho tops also have some basic patterns. Different models can be created with minor changes on these. In cute winter top models, the arms are long, again a little loose, the waist-length can be either above the belly button or long. A thin top can be worn under the short tops. Drop neck and cowl neck are among the most frequently used ones. These collar shapes are perfect for winter boho tops. Since the arms are not too long, you can wear bracelets that are very suitable for this style.

What can you combine with a winter top? Narrow or baggy trousers can be worn with winter tops for women. Apart from that, you can, of course, also wear a suitable skirt. You can catch the perfect match with colorful thick winter socks under a mini skirt, especially if your top and socks are the same color. What you choose to wear with it depends entirely on your top model. Women who always wear this style will make the right choices.

In the winter, people do not care much what to wear under coats or fluffy jackets. Except you are working in an office or you have an appointment. But outside we think that this is not important. We want to finish our work out and return to our warm homes as soon as possible. However, an outfit that we love and feel comfortable with also increases our motivation. Our self-confidence increases. Thus, it becomes easier to endure cold winter days.

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